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 A Pariah, A Hero.

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PostSubject: A Pariah, A Hero.   30/06/11, 02:20 am

Let me introduce myself.

NAME: Uchiha Irie
- Alias: "Him"

AGE: 17

ETHNICITY: Caucasian


What do you see when you look at me?

WEIGHT AND HEIGHT: Weight: 129 lbs | Height: 5'10"

APPEARANCE DESCRIPTION: Irie is a slender guy, he has little muscle definition compared to most men of his age. He has long black spiky hair that droops down his face. His face is proud and has a determined fire behind his eyes. Irie has a pale complexion that is highlighted even more so by how dark his hair and eyes are. His outfit consists of a black cloak with a high collar that reveals his chest; on the back is embroidered with a large Uchiha family fan. Underneath the cloak he wears a white low collared shirt, that is followed by a pair of dark pants that follow to ankle wraps that tie the end of his pants down; he wears traditional geta as his footwear. His accessories are limited to on average, a necklace with three yin symbols, and a wrap around his torso that holds a large war fan around his back. He does not wear the leaf village headband.

Who am I really?

PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: Irie is a very smart, but stubborn boy. He does not like to admit when he is wrong, even when he knows it. When faced with decision making, he is calculating and usually comes up with a plan that everyone is okay with. Irie being so young he still has much to learn, but he is the prodigal son of the Uchiha clan who has been placed in the running for the position of Hokage. He deals with very much on his shoulders everyday, he is the official head-leader of the Uchiha clan in strength and wits; there are few who do not approve of him taking over, believing he is too rash or not experienced enough; but he has matured quickly for his age after losing his brother. Irie is tolerant of the Uzumaki clan, though he does not believe in their way of running the village. He doesn't wish for war, but doesn't see anyway around it at this point. Irie is kind and gentle at heart, he isn't like most Uchiha. He bears the Uchihas curse of hatred, it's slowly eating at him and consuming him; the loss of his family in this war is taking its toll on him.

  • Fighting
  • Competition
  • Reading
  • Sleeping
  • Stone skipping

  • War
  • Loss
  • Spicy foods
  • Ignorance
  • Hats

HOBBIES: Irie plays a few musical instruments in his free time, such as the flute; and an ocarina.

DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES: Irie fears war between his village, repeating the past. He wants to be the Hokage so he can shape the future in his image.

I got some skills.

ELEMENT/'s: Fire, Lightning, Blaze.
CLAN: Uchiha
RANK: Jounin | Hokage candidate

This is my story!

BIRTH PLACE: The Village Hidden Beneath the Waterfall
ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius

HISTORY: Irie was born in the twilight of a winter night, into the revived Uchiha clan. He was the spitting image of a true blooded Uchiha warrior, long dark black hair and a pair of dark onyx colored eyes, he was named Irie which directly translated to Cove, or Cover; he would be the boy who kept his clan safe. He was brought up in the Village Hidden beneath the Waterfall where the Uzumaki and Uchiha had settled down for quite some time. Born into the family that was the unofficial leaders of the clan, he was bred to learn about politics and fighting style of the Uchiha. Sometime after he was born, he had a little brother. The Uchiha had very strong bonds amongst those they cared for, Iries little brother had been his entire world.

Growing up in peace for sometime his parents trained him and his little brother to become admirable clan members, and perhaps one day leaders of the clan. Soon, as time grew on the Village they lived in was crumbling as the rest of the world had been. Members of the village had been returning to where they once came from; and eventually all that remained were the Uchiha, and the Uzumaki. Soon enough, they'd went back to the Leaf as well, Iries parents met with a family from the Uzumaki before they all left, discussing what would become of it; they gave eachother the union sign to show they were friends and said something unaudible to Irie. When they'd moved to the Leaf village, it was in a state of anarchy; there was no stable government or a Hokage. Over the next few years, Irie had been introduced to many people and learned many different techniques from the clans who supported the Uchihas coming back to the village. He was being groomed without his knowledge to become head of the Uchiha clan. Time grew on, and eventually tension grew between two factions in the village; The Uchiha and The Uzumaki began a near civil war over who'd become Hokage. There was a few candidates; but the civil war between the two of the clans caused deaths among both clans, and supporting clans of the two factions.

Irie and his family had been consumed by the battles, he was forced to give up his childhood and become a shinobi; growing up so quickly he saw many people he cared about fade away. He'd been forced to battle with his own friends who'd been supporting the Uzumaki clan, for this reason he'd grown to have a certain hatred for the Uzumaki in a way that they let his friends die. What pushed his hatred to that point was that he'd been forced to kill his best friend by his parents. He resented everyone in his clan as well, aside from his brother; who'd followed his gentle ways of friendship. He wanted to become the head chief of the clan more than anything from that point on, he wanted to change the way the Uchiha saw things, they saw only power and would do anything to attain; that's why they had Irie kill his friend, resulting in his eyes evolving past the Sharingan.

The battles became increasingly violent as time went on, and Irie was seen at the front of battle fields; but unlike any of the other Uchiha he'd been keeping people from fighting by using his techniques to separate the battlefields; making a line with Amaterasu to keep people from passing. Though his attempts were in vain, he could only hold battles off for so long; it caused so much pain and wracked his brain causing his eyes to bleed from the intense pain. He'd begun to lose his vision from how constant he'd been on the battlefield, but he'd heard rumors that people were hoping his movement would change things; they may have been supporting the war but they wanted it to end soon too. He'd been a force to reckon with on the battlefield; when he was seen heading into battle he was simply referred to as 'Him' by both sides.

Soon he was seen less and less on the battlefield, as he lost his vision he was forced to hang back and give tactical advice if he was feeling up to it; he was a pacifist and specifically ordered people to incapacitate and not to kill. His brother took over for him while he'd been growing ill, and it only grew worse; he had been attempting to stall his eyes from losing their light until he could find the peace between the two clans. He wanted to see it for himself when there was no fighting amongst his people. But it was futile, there was no stopping it. His parents came to him one night of calm. They told Irie that if he took the eyes of another who possessed the same power as him, he could restore his sight and power and it would be infinite; no longer would he be restricted from pursuing his dream of peace; but taking the eyes of another of his power. There was only one other, he didn't want to repeat history. He knew what his clan was, it was cursed to feed off power. Though it was hard for him to refuse his lust for power, he wanted to see this dream into fruition. His brother came to him in the night; offering Irie his eyes so they could both one day see the future they dreamed of. Irie refused, he did not want to kill his brother; he didn't want to steal his light. But one night, he wasn't left with any choice; his parents tied him down with sealing jutsu. Speaking to him, they told him it was what must be done to have the Uchiha win. Irie didn't care about who won, he just wanted peace. He told them he'd find another way, but they didn't see it his way. His brother came before him, and told Irie it was okay, with his eyes they'd always be together.. Before blacking out from a jutsu performed on him he'd woken up, and could not see. He'd been wrapped in bandage covering his eyes; they stole his eyes, his brothers eyes too; and placed them in him. And given his brother his blinded eyes, anger swept over him. Threatening his parents whom he loathed so very much; he swore that he'd change things his way. He wouldn't be a product of hatred. Irie would meet with the Uzumaki, and attempt to reason with them, to stop the war. Though they saw him as a monster, they knew what his eyes were, they'd ask how he could take his brothers eyes for power. He couldn't explain it to them without making his family look like villains, it wouldn't help anything. So he became a Pariah amongst the Uzumaki, but among the Uchiha he was revered as some sort of prophet. His power was unmatched now, he sepererated battlefields with ease, no longer losing sight from his visual jutsu. He kept many from dying senselessly. To this day, he has been researching the past, to see how peace had come about so long ago; what he could do to make it happen now, before it was too late. He may have been a pariah to the people, but he'd become their hero if it was the last thing he'd do.

The one behind the character.

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A Pariah, A Hero.
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