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 Story Line v1.0

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PostSubject: Story Line v1.0   22/03/13, 01:03 pm

It has been fourteen decades since the Fourth Great Ninja War, Tobi and the Akatsuki had been defeated by the combined powers of Naruto and Sasuke. Things did not return to normal, the United Ninja Alliance had retained peace between the five great villages for another two decades. Soon the Kage began to disagree upon numerous subjects, and eventually led to civil war between numerous factions. After the war, the Kage did not trust Uchiha Sasuke, and had him sanctioned off from the villages despite Narutos many attempts to change their minds. The few who did believe in Sasuke left the Ninja Alliance, which was what sparked the disputes between them, leading to that civil war. Naruto followed Sasuke as well, the two did not see eye to eye still, but Sasuke had calmed down after the war. He still held hatred in his heart, as it was his curse to bear.

Over time, they'd built a home for the followers that came with them. It was set at the base of the waterfall the two boys fought at long, long ago. As they made their home, the Ninja Alliance was crumbling, it was bound to fail eventually; too many differing personalities mixing together. Eventually it fell, and villages were born once again, the five great villages however no longer held their jinchuriki, they were free to roam now. They were elusive, avoiding capture again. Time allowed healing, and the villages returned to normal, and the small village at the base of the waterfall seemed like it was another world. Naruto and Sasuke ran the village with both philosophies, they'd fight from time to time naturally but they kept eachother in check.

As time went on, they passed; and the ones after them ran the village. Though it didn't last without Naruto and Sasuke; people began to leave once again. Soon all that remained were the families of Uchiha, and Uzumaki. And as the rest did; they left to the villages as well. The village became forgotten over time, and the Uchiha and Uzumaki then moved to the Leaf Village, which was in Anarchy at the time, there was no true law. The Leafs clans did all they could to keep peace amongst the people. They began to set up a government once again, but they needed a Hokage once more. A power struggle between two factions had ensued once again, repeating history. There was a side of the village that backed the Uzumaki family, who'd try to set up a Hokage in their name; wanting to follow their philosophy. And the other side of the village had backed the Uchiha family. With the village divided amongst the clans and the village, the race for a Hokage began.
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Story Line v1.0
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