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 One Of Two Suns

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PostSubject: One Of Two Suns    22/03/13, 02:10 pm

Let me introduce myself.

NAME: Manzo Uzumaki

- Alias: Battosai, A title for one who is good in any subject, and is better than most, and god-like in the offered subject.Believed to be undefeatable.

AGE: 18, Mental Age 60

ETHNICITY: Caucasian


What do you see when you look at me?

EYE COLOR: A pale grayish blue

WEIGHT AND HEIGHT: Six feet tall and two inches. One hundred and ninety five pounds.

APPEARANCE DESCRIPTION: Medium blonde hair cascades his face, the spikes in it are one of the many character traits of the Uzumaki males, from the second era of males. He is the only one in the clan to have the pale blue eyes of his great, great grandfather. As head of his clan he is an impressive physical specimen, not to say that he is just a walking ball of muscle. His body is toned and strong, due to being a seasoned warrior. He wears his head band, on his forehead, he uses it to keep the hair out of his face and eyes. By pushing it back it looks as if he has a devils horns or little fox ears. Underneath his black sweatshirt he wears a light chain mesh, along with a flack jacket, to protect him from projectile objects. he has a standard green Jounin tactical vest, for assorted scrolls. He wears black pants that go to his ankles which are always taped. Black sandals are what protect his feet.

His Clan leader attire is a red robe with black trim that has fire cascading down the bottom edges. Around his neck he wears a necklace with six yang medallions attached to it. He wears customary orange bottoms with white ankle wrapping and black sandals.

Who am I really?

PERSONALITY DESCRIPTION: He is a huge fan of the opposite sex, don't be offended if you catch him looking, its not like no one does. When called into the act of duty, there is no one with more courage and guts, he would lay down his life for any soldier under his command, though he knows you can't save them all. He is a wise, and loving leader to his clan, which is why so many of the other clans have backed him in his push of the title of hokage. He is short to anger, though when his temper is flared, its a raging fire, that no amount of water could possible put out. He has never found a woman to love, or to even like, his time has been spent with his head in scrolls or meditating. On the battle field or in political offices attempting to keep peace between the clans.


    Obnoxious sounds
    Obnoxious people
    Paper work
    Small Children

HOBBIES: Sculpting, Collecting rare jutsu scrolls, Old weapons, and family heirlooms from different clans.

DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES: He dreams to one day, a hero for the people of Konoha, and around the world. He dreams to lead his people to global status and power. For when someone thinks of the Uzumaki name, they think of respect and unimaginable power. He fears the downfall of the hidden village through power struggle and for war to ravage the streets of the village again and he not able to stop it.

I got some skills.

ELEMENT/'s: Wind, fire, wood.
CLAN: Uzumaki
RANK: Jounin, Clan Leader, Hokage Candidate

This is my story!

BIRTH PLACE: Manzo was born to, Natsumi Uzumaki and Hanzo Uzumaki. In the Uzumaki Clan compound in the eastern part of the village hidden in the waterfall. During a solar eclipse.
DATE OF BIRTH: October 6th

A strong cry, born with a strong cry his mother exclaimed motioning the aid to bring her the child. This child she, she repeated. “Finally he is here, a child of great joy to our family”. His mother proclaimed once more. His father and his grand father walked over to the bed side to see the little blob, such fair hair his mother said to his father. He nodded and took him from her arms. I will call you Manzo, he said whispering to the infant. His grand father walked over to meet the new born, looking toward his father. “You know with this child, consolidation of power is ours right?” He said to him. His father rolled his eyes and brought him back to his mother. “We can talk about consolidation of power later old man. Right now we celebrate.” His grand father shook his head and went to smoke. This child, is the future of our clan, it was as if the the entire Uzumaki clan was singing it in perfect harmony on the night of his birth. He was born on a mild night in october. A night that would live in infamy of the other clans of the village hidden under the waterfall. This boy was a child of prophecy. A savior to the clan. Even if he didn’t know it yet. He was bred to be new sage of six paths. A Rinnegan warrior, even if it was a slim chance. His grand father went back three generations of Rinnegan wielders. His father Manzo’s great grand father was the last owner of those eyes. His mothers great grandmother was last pure Senju wood style user. He then made the match between Hanzo Uzumaki and Natsumi Senju. The two were brought together to consolidate power, love was never in the equation. Though it followed, after a few dates.

Manzo was trained hard along with his sisters, though his grandfather put him under more stress than the others. Teaching him extremely difficult techniques such as the lord forths Raijin. Which became the signature jutsu for the young lad. Which drew much attention towards him from the other clan in the village. The Uchiha, they had noticed a boy who bore a shocking resemblance to the lord fourth and his son. No matter, they had a prodigy of their own Irie Uchiha and his younger brother. The three boys had become quite the thorn in each others families' side. Some how some way they had found out about Manzo’s blood line, and his purpose for being brought into this world. Several times Manzo would tell his father about these strange men following him home. One day Hanzo sent his father to shadow him on his way home. Manzo had no sooner turned the corner before he had been snatched up. These three men wearing masks with only eye slots. Manzo could not recognize them. They had intentions to gouge his eyes from his head, to make sure he would never be able to awaken his Doujutsu. As they were about to pin him down to begin the process, his grand father had used shadow clones to take them out. Swooping down and grabbing the boy. But not before he removed their masks, he was shocked to find it was Uchiha shinobi. Manzo had so many questions for Grandpa Roku. All of which Roku could not answer. He took the boy straight home, reported to Hanzo and that is when all this mess began. Other clans returned for Konoha, leaving only the Uzumaki and Uchiha. Hanzo visited the Uchiha’s chief and stated that it was time they returned home. The two exchanged words, but the last thing out of Hanzo’s mouth was plain and simple. “Lay a hand on my boy again I’ll make sure yours receive ten fold.” After that the two Clans parted ways, just to find their former home in shambles the leaf had been ravaged by war. The Uchiha had formed a temporary Alliance with Uzumaki. They brought order to the village but the other clans were either backing the Uzumaki and Uchiha, leading to all out civil war with the clans.

After the war was over, life returned to normal for Manzo. Dad was home, mom was cooking, his baby sisters were playing. Manzo’s life had returned to that of a normal thirteen year old. But little did he know their was a shadow lurking in the darkness. three years had passed it was Manzo’s sixteenth birthday the party had just started, a little after the loud speaker came on over the village that a mad man was the gate, on a killing spree. He had made multiple clones of himself, and they were all headed straight for the Uzumaki compound of the hidden leaf. The Uchiha had put up a great first wave of defense but their spear head Irie was away on business so it was up to him and his father to protect the clan. The battle had waged for an hour, until it was brought to an abrupt stop. Manzo and his father had been captured and were about to be executed . But the Mysterious man wanted Manzo to kill his father, it was that or they both die and the village burned to the ground. Manzo swallowed his fear and ran his father through. Flash backs of birthdays missions, clan meetings, long talks under the moon light, fights, and drinks by the lake all flowed through him like a river. Until he felt this surge of chakra flow through his body rush straight to his eyes, and then disperse to the rest of his body. The man revealed himself, it was his grand father, he revealed that this was his master plan. To awaken Manzo’s first three paths. Through sorrow, life, and pain. That he should thank him for doing this for him, that now he could wipe the Uchiha off the map and become the true leader of the Uzumaki and hidden leaf. Manzo was speechless, the only thing he could do was avenge his father. Grandpa Roku didn’t know that with the awakening of his Rinnegan, he had also awoken his senju blood. Manzo then used his wood release to trap Roku in a cross formation. Manzo would then set him ablaze with a fire style technique. He had then awakened his last three paths.

It took him months to recover from this betrayal. But his clan needed him, his village needed him. He had to bounce back quickly. The race for Hokage was on, He had one real competitor Irie Uchiha, and he would not be out done by his un knowing rival. Manzo would sustain many victories against opposing countries in the name of the leaf and of the Uzumaki. His grandfather wanted to use him as a weapon to bring divisions and death to the other clans. Manzo wanted to be their Sage, their Hero, their Hokage, and their Legend. He would stop at nothing until he reached his goal, he would watch the village burn before he would hand it over to someone else.This is where our story comes up to speed. Manzo has many more trials a head. Are you up for the ride?

The one behind the character.

Natsumi Uzumaki

Hanzo Uzumaki

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Masashi Kishimoto/Naruto. Character/Edited Rikudo Sennin

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One Of Two Suns
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