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 Rules//Character Rules

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PostSubject: Rules//Character Rules   30/06/11, 12:35 am

These rules, indicate what you can or can't do in the forum. Breaking those rules, will just give mod's and Admin's an excuse to punish you. And we may take it slightly at the beginning, but you won't get away after.

1- This is the most important rule you will read. Don't break the rules.

2- God-modding will probably result at second time with a ban. A slight ban, but enough for you to understand, god-modding, makes everything lose it's fun. Meta-gaming or Auto-Hitting are other forms of God-modding. If you see anyone doing it, report it to the Admins, so they can warn them.

3- We have a word limit per post. It's 50 words, and I believe anyone can do this, even in their more lazy days. Without you even knowing you can reach 50 words quite easily, and lower then that just doesn't give anything for the person you role-playing with to make his post, so keep it over 50, or measures will be taken. For Higher ranks such as the Kage's or S-ranked Ninja you will have to keep above 150 word minimum.

4- This forum isn't PG-13; BUT, you must state in the title of your topic if it's Mature or not. If it is, put it, if not don't.

5- Don't cuss anyone for any reasons. This happens all the time, so if it happens and you feel like you don't want to take that person's BS, just tell us.

6- During your posts, please use proper grammar, and don't use liek msn typings or sorts, for example. "You 2 w@nn@ go surf?". This is also something you can't do.

7- Don't keep asking to be a mod, an admin or anything of the sorts. We Admins make Mod's or Admin's people who we know and think that deserve the power that is being given to them.

Restricted List

No Canon characters.

> No demons. There are no sorts of demons in the Naruto universe.

> Sage Mode has to be trained, harshly, and will take a while to obtain. Permission from the staff is also needed.

> No Flying Thunder God Technique.

> The Hachimon [Eight Celestial Gates] are perfectly fine, but there are limits. Gennin's may only open up to the second gate, they can open the third if they have training. Chuunin's open the fourth, and Jounin's and above get Fith and Sixth. The Seventh and Eight must be allowed by the staff at your own risk.-Request Admin permission first-

> You can't have Mangekyou right from the start. You need to gain it while the Sharingan, is something you can start with, but the tomoes will be decided upon your rank.

Quote :

Mangekyou Sharingan has points until it completely loses its light certain techniques cause it to go faster.

The Mangekyou wielder will start with 15 points to go through, this will be kept track of by the user. ( If it is seen that you are abusing this privilege your character will have his eyesight stripped from him and you will receive a warning.)

Tsukiyomi- 1 Point

Amaterasu- 3 Points

Susano'o- 5 Points

> Human puppets belong only to ninja's who are A-Rank and above.

> Puppet limitations; Genin = 2 puppets, Chuunin = 4 puppets, Jounin = 6 puppets, Anbu's or Above = 10 puppets.

Concerning the Body Flicker Technique;

There will be limits to how many times you may use the Body Flicker Ninjutsu:

Quote :
Genin/D-Ranked Ninja: 2 Times In a fight/Topic.

Chuunin/C/B-Ranked Ninja: 4 Times in a fight/topic.

Jounin/A-Ranked Ninja: 6 Times in a fight/topic.

S-Ranked Ninja: 8 Times in a Fight/Topic.

Kage/Organization Leader:10 Times in a Fight/Topic

Learning New Jutsu

When You register a new jutsu in creation, you must then train for it in the training grounds, Depending on its Rank, it will vary on how many words are required to learn the jutsu.

E-Ranked Jutsu- No topic Required.

D-Ranked Jutsu- 150 Words

C-Ranked Jutsu- 300 Words

B-Ranked Jutsu- 500 Words

A-Ranked Jutsu- 700 Words

S-Ranked Jutsu- 1000 Words.

Character Rules

> Please follow the given template when posting a character application.

> There are no 'No Killing Topics' For anyone who is an academy student.

> If you no longer want a character, say it to the staff and it's application will first be reviewed and then maybe will be moved or deleted.

> If you create a criminal or you decide to break laws, you may get rightful ninja's on your back trying to kill you or capture you. Actions have consequences.

> When Defecting from your village, You Will have to create an OPEN Topic about you leaving, if nobody posts in it for 48 hours, you get away without a fight.

Concerning Bijuu Characters You must stay active with that character, If you do not post with that character within a 2 week frame it will be revoked as if you never had it. Now if you just do 1 post every 2 weeks just so you don't lose it and don't take them seriously, there will be a vote between staff to decide whether or not you deserve it.
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Rules//Character Rules
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