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 Sharingan Rules

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Tomoe 1
To activate the first Tomoe, you must meet the the following requirement:
- Fight someone and be pushed to your limits, exhausting your chakra.

Benefits of 1 Tomoe
Gives keen eyesight that allows you to slightly predict the next movement and see chakra flow.

Tomoe 2
To go into Tomoe two you have to meet the following requirement:
- Fight someone and exhaust your chakra while protecting a friend.

What does Tomoe 2 do?
Allows you to perceive jutsu and copy them, only around C Rank. You can realize genjutsu that is B Rank or lower, you can tracker higher speeds and predict movements better.

Tomoe 3
To go into Tomoe three you have to meet the following requirement:
- Fight with a close friend or relative seriously, become exhausted of chakra.

What does Tomoe 3 do?
You can now copy jutsu that aren't Kekkei Genkai, you can perceive movements almost perfectly now as long as the speed of the opponent doesn't overwhelm the Sharingan. You can realize and break Genjutsu that are up to A Rank,

To gain the Mangekyou Sharingan you must already have the fully developed Sharingan 3 Tomoe.

Mangekyou Sharingan:
This Sharingan is gained through killing one of your closest friends in combat, you must have known this person for a while. // Staff will judge whether or not it is justified.

What does Mangekyou Sharingan do?
When the battle is over and the Staff has decided whether or not the topic was legitimate, you will unlock the Mangekyou Sharingan. But you also must have a 2000 word Topic of how the Sharingan changed from 3 Tomoe to your own custom Mangekyou. Describe the strain put on your emotions and all the guilt that your character feels. You could possibly just not care, or else this process would never have happened, the topic will be read by staff and judged whether or not you have gained the Mangekyou.

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan
If you take the eyes of another Uchiha who has the Mangekyou Sharingan you can transplant them into your own eyes with the help of someone skilled in Medical Ninjutsu ( Atleast A-Rank.) It will keep your eyes from losing the light due to the Kaleidoscope effect. It also grants stronger power.

What does Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan do?
Eternal Mangekyou allows you to never lose your eyesight through the kaleidoscope effect, you can keep it activated as long as you want though it will still put major strain on your eyes I.E. Causing them to bleed.

The Mangekyou's techniques will be listed below.


Name: Amaterasu
Rank: (E-S)
Range: (Short-Long)
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub-type: Offensive
Elemental Affinity: Blaze Release
Uses: 20
Description: Amaterasu is the highest level Fire Release technique, and according to Zetsu, one of the most powerful ninjutsu in existence. It is said to represent the "Material World and Light" , the antipode to Tsukuyomi, a genjutsu of similar power and a fellow Mangekyō Sharingan dōjutsu.

The jet-black flames of the Amaterasu, said to be the fires from hell that are as hot as the sun, ignite at the focus of the user's vision. Though the flames have been stated to be unavoidable, Amaterasu has been avoided a few times; Sasuke Uchiha managed to dodge the flames Itachi tried focusing on him, though Itachi did not actually want to kill him and managed to hit Sasuke shortly after regardless, and A using his Lightning Release Armour enhanced Body Flicker Technique avoided a short-range Amaterasu launched at him by Sasuke. The determining factors seem to be motivation and skill.
The flames are capable of burning through anything in their path, even smothering regular fire techniques with ease. Amaterasu is said to never stop burning; even when whatever is caught by the Amaterasu is completely reduced to ash or destroyed, it can still continue burning for seven days and seven nights. It cannot be extinguished with water or any other normal methods. The only thing that the flames have seemingly failed to burn into is Gaara's chakra infused sand. However, the flames burn fairly slowly, allowing anyone struck by Amaterasu an opportunity to remove whatever clothing or body parts have been caught ablaze. Use of the technique also puts a great deal of strain on the user, usually causing their eyes to bleed.

Amaterasu Levels:
Level 1: The Uchiha's eyes are still learning to adjust with the Mangekyou and can conjure flames and extinguish them with great work, causing intense strain on the users eyes.

Level 2: Now that the users eyes have adjusted to the Mangekyou regularly they can guide the black flames towards a target of their choice, but the flames will only move as fast as the eye can move.

Level 3: Now that the Uchiha has mastered the Amaterasu Technique they can hone their skills further and use Rapid Fire Amaterasu, adjust the size of the flames and extinguish them easily.

Level 4: The Uchiha can spawn black flames in a spot almost immediately now, it will be very hard for an enemy to dodge this technique now.

Drawbacks: Amaterasu creates strain on the eyes, and messes with its ability to perceive light if used against another Fire Release Jutsu. It can quickly consume an area causing a battlefield to become erratic. It's intense heat can draw up thunderclouds if it is outdoors. The jutsu can be sealed however by a skilled Fuuinjutsu user.


Name: Tsukuyomi [God of The Moon]
Rank: --
Range: 0-20m
Type: Genjutsu
Sub-type: Offensive
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Uses: 20
Description: According to Zetsu, Tsukuyomi is one of the most powerful genjutsu in existence. It is unique to the Uchiha clan and only those with the Mangekyō Sharingan can perform it. It is said to represent the "Spiritual World and Darkness" , the antipode to Amaterasu, a ninjutsu of similar power. Tsukuyomi requires eye contact to be performed. When executed, the jutsu traps the target in an illusion that is completely controlled by the user. Itachi's prowess with the technique has allowed him to alter the perception of time with ease within the genjutsu to make it seem to last for days when in fact it only lasts a few seconds. This allows him to torture the target for what seems like days on end, causing mental trauma that will render them unable to fight for an extensive period of time.

Tsukuyomi Levels:
Level 1: 6 hours - Spacial; limited, Mass; Limited, leaves the victim with Paralysis .

Level 2: 12 hours - Spacial; limited, Mass: Moderate; leaves the victim with Paralysis and Trauma.

Level 3: 24 hrs Spacial; Moderate, Mass: Moderate; leaves the victim with Paralysis and Trauma and Piercing wounds.

Level 4: 48 hrs Spacial; Advanced, Mass: Advanced; leaves the victim with Paralysis and Trauma and Piercing wounds and Body destruction.

Level 5: 72 hrs Spacial; Mastered, Mass: Mastered; leaves the victim with Paralysis and Trauma and Piercing wounds and Body destruction and Reality destruction.

Drawbacks: Tsukuyomi will cause very much strain on the eyes after it is used, causing color blindness, light distortion and depending on what the intensity of the jutsu was, it will take atleast 1-3 posts for it to return to normal.

Name: Susano [God of Sea and Storms]
Rank: S
Range: 0-50m
Type: Summoning
Sub-type: Supplementary
Elemental Affinity: None
Requirement: Needs Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu to be atleast level two before this can be activated.
Description: The final Mangekyou Technique, requires that both techniques be unlocked. Susano'o is both a defensive and offensive technique that surrounds the user in an aura that resembles a tengu warrior. The appearance of Susano'o depends on the Uchiha's Yin-Yang balance, making all Susano'o unique.

Susanoo is labeled as a "spirit of the old world", and its powers are channeled through the Uchiha, requiring his/her life force and chakra to manifest and attack.

Susanoo Levels:

Level 1: Activation
With the first stage of Susano'o unlocked the Uchiha can manifest the Rib's of the ethereal warrior using it as a defense, no technique can break through the ribs. It can be used in conjunction with a skilled user of Amaterasu to cover the ribs in the Black Flames to create and even more dangerous shield.

Level 2: Formation
The second stage is much larger, it can now form the skeletal form of Susano'o and it adopts the colored aura of the users emotions. It can sweep away enemies with it's arms and smash through large objects. It can also have tendons and muscle now if the Uchiha becomes emotional enough. It becomes unique in appearance at this point.

Level 3: Manifestation
With level three, the Uchiha can cloak their Susanoo in spiritual battle armor, the Susano'o now becomes an impregnable defense and it's armor can be unique in appearance, It's aura completely surrounds the user now.

Level 4: Realization
Now in the final level of Susano'o the Uchiha can wield the Ethereal energy of it and it's weapons will now appear. The first time this occurs it will determine the Susano'os default arsenal.

Drawbacks: It causes much strain on the eyes and uses chakra quickly.
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Sharingan Rules
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